Employees' Company Email

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Sharon Gardner
Executive Director
Sadie Hardin
Assistant Director
Rick Hargett
System Administrator
Martha Hall
Fiscal Officer
Lisa Mitchell

Asst. Fiscal Officer

Wanda Christian
Economic and Community Development Coordinator
Jamie McCoy
Economic and Community Development Coordinator
Darlene Grimes
Small Grants Administrator
Amy Ivy
Economic Development/Administrative Assistant
Kathy Brinkley
GIS Planning Technician

Angie Duvall

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Celita MillerLoan Officer
 Loan Officer
Jane Perrigo

Area Agency on Aging Director

Jessica Rowan
Area Agency on Aging Services Coordinator
Orber Dye
Area Agency on Aging Nutrition Coordinator
Charlotte Derrick
LSW Medicaid Waiver Supervisor
Monica Wildmon
Administrative Assistant/Medicaid Waiver Billing
Irene Keller
Medicaid Assistant
Bessie GreerOmbudsman & EEOC Officer

Alison Wildmon

Alcorn 1 RN/Medicaid Waiver
Jessica Kebodeaux
Alcorn 1 LSW/Medicaid Waiver
Lisa Henry

Alcorn 2 RN/Medicaid Waiver

Janet Dixon

Alcorn 2 LSW/Medicaid Waiver

Marsha O'Neal

Alcorn 3 RN/Medicaid Waiver / Bridge to Independence Community Navigator 

Paula Tice Benton LSW/Medicaid Waiver
Amy Gresham
Benton RN/Medicaid Waiver
Benton/Marshall RN/Medicaid Waiver
LaConda HarrisonBenton/Marshall LSW/Medicaid Waiver
Leah DePriest Marshall LSW/Medicaid Waiver
Dian Gray
Marshall RN/Medicaid Waiver
Leann Jones
Tippah 1 LSW/Medicaid Waiver
Connie Alberson
Tippah 1 RN/Medicaid Waiver
Lori MurryTippah 2 LSW/Medicaid Waiver
Dana Harrell
Tippah 2 RN/Medicaid Waiver
Teresa Jordan
Tishomingo 1 RN/Medicaid Waiver
Anna Lee-Robinson
Tishomingo 1 LSW/Medicaid Waiver
Melissa South

 Tishomingo 2 LSW/Medicaid Waiver

Jessica Shook
Tishomingo 2 RN/Medicaid Waiver
Carla NewmanPrentiss 1 LSW/Medicaid Waiver

Prentiss 1 RN/Medicaid Waiver

Alex Sartain

Prentiss 2 LSW/Medicaid Waiver

Diana Wall

Prentiss 2 RN/Medicaid Waiver
Updated 06/16/2015
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